Monday, November 2, 2009

Separation as a risk factor for women’s murder

In a review of 72 domestic homicides, an actual or pending separation was observed in 81% of cases… The Ontario Domestic Violence Deaths Review Committee found that within the domestic homicide cases where couples were separated, a significant reason for continued contact …was to deal with issues related to children. The risk may be increased... particularly when that contact relates to child custody issues. Victims and the public should be educated on the risk of separation and how to separate safely. Separation can be a long process rather than a discrete event. Research should identify critical issues to be considered when facilitating a separation involving a couple with risk factors…

Of 230 deaths related to domestic violence studied 2002-08 by DVDRC, 142 were women, 23 children, 65 men (the majority of men’s deaths were suicides by the perpetrator).

- Sixth Annual Report of Domestic Violence Death Review Committee, Ontario, 2008.
(Courtesy of NB Women's News – November 2, 2009. A service of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women)

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