Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ottawa RebELLEs at International Women's Day 2010

In March, The Ottawa RebELLEs participated in 2 International Women's Day events. The events offered a great opportunity to meet and network with other feminists and organizations in our region and raise awareness on feminist issues.

It's nice to know we're not the only ones that think feminist critical thought is still essential today!

We performed our bilingual manifesto at the Women's Event Network event, 'Still Searching for Bread and Roses'. This was our second time performing it in the Ottawa Capital Region. What fun!

We were especially inspired by the Raging Grannies and made a pact that we will reunite in 50 years to follow their wonderful lead!

*please excuse the late post. Now that I've learned the ins and outs of blogging (thanks Michelle!), I'll be posting every wednesday.

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