Monday, April 26, 2010

Upcoming May Day (venez m'aider! you come help me in French)

The saying May Day is used as a distress signal by many groups such as police forces, pilots, firefighters, etc...Help me, help me, help me to remember the rich history of this day and think upon the meaning of this phrase as a rally call for me to become humble enough to learn how to help others.

Sometimes we need a bit of a wake up call, sometimes we forget what is important and what needs to be celebrated in life. Is the entire point of a holiday (whether secular or not) only to eat and drink with folks we love? What about the people who fought so that we could enjoy these days of rest and laughter? What about the people still fighting this struggle and who are denied the freedom to celebrate with their loved ones?

If you are interested in feminism, the environment, labour movements, trade justice, the should check out this event at Jack Purcell Community Center ( to learn some important information but also to rekindle that sense of community spirit we so often seek but never seem to be able to find.


May 1st and 2nd

In Canada and the U.S., ‘Labour Day’ is celebrated in September as part of a cover-up of the real history of the labour movement:

This year, we are celebrating the real labour day by holding a two-day gathering with opportunities to discuss labour activism and a whole lot more.

Saturday May 1, 12:30-6:00pm
Sunday May 2, 12:30-5:00pm

at Jack Purcell Community Centre
(near corner of Elgin and Gilmour)

Free / by donation. No registration required.

Themed around social justice, economic justice, environmental justice and healthy communities.

There will be discussions, workshops/skill-shares, cultural activities, information tables featuring local groups and organizations, snacks and refreshments, and a Saturday community dinner. ~~ 613-656-5498 ~~




Saturday May 1:
12:30pm – Opening
- Labour and Work-place Organizing (discussion)
- Community- and Guerrilla-Gardening (workshop)
2:30pm – Cultural Activity
- Collective Environmental Action (discussion)
- Indigenous Solidarity (workshop)
- Tentants’ Rights and Housing Alternatives (discussion)
- Spoken Word Poetry (workshop)
5:00pm – Spoken Word Performance
5:20pm – Community Dinner

Sunday May 2:
12:30pm – Opening
- Sex Activism (discussion)
- *TBC: Silk-screening (workshop)
- Transforming or Ignoring Municipal Politics? (discussion)
- *TBC: Organizing Protests & Legal Issues: Focus on G8/G20 (workshop)
3:00pm – Cultural Activity
- Building a Local Activist Community (discussion)

Note: *TBC on the Sunday means “To Be Confirmed”


If your group or organization would like to table at the event (on Sat and/or Sun), please contact us ASAP. We have 15 tables each day and it is first come, first served:, 613-656-5498



The venue is wheelchair accessible.

We are working on providing childcare and ASL translation; please contact us if you would require either of these:, 613-656-5498 … if anyone can help us arrange sign language translation, please contact us!

There is limited reserved parking for patrons of the community centre. You will need to ask at the front desk for a parking pass for these spots.


We are bringing socialism to social media!

Organizing For Justice is not only the gatherings we organize (this is our third edition!), but also about promoting various other local initiatives and events that are aligned with our values of social justice, economic justice, economic justice, and healthy communities. Join us on Twitter or Facebook to receive updates about various things going on in the local community. ~~ 613-656-5498 ~~

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