Monday, May 17, 2010

As some of you may know, May 13th hosted yet another kerfuffle of PRO LIFE craziness! The march was quite strong but keep in mind that many kids from local catholic schools get a school trip out of this, the Church has A LOT of money to spend to make it seem like they represent the majority and people were bused in from all over the province. The arguments of the right are completely non factual and full of bigotry & sexism. They kept mentioning the DIGNITY OF LIFE! How hypocritical! Have they forgotten about colonialism, residential schools, homophobia, the powerlessness of womyn within the church and the numerous sex scandals of late?! Also, another thing they kept mentioning is how many ''children'' have been aborted. Well, how many kids live in poverty, how many kids are stuck in the system being shipped from foster home to foster home, how many kids are runaways, how many kids are belittled by their parents who didn't want a child but had one anyway because the church said they had no other choice, how many kids will never know their father because he jumped ship, etc?

The Church, if it wants to survive, must change and admit it faults. It's needs open dialogue and REAL christian love and acceptance of all human beings regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation...I have a feeling that Jesus is quite disappointed in what has been and is being done in the name of his teachings.

Finally, keep in mind that the Church actually doesn't have an official teaching as to when a fetus becomes a person. Also, God gave us free will didn't He?

It is important to note that most people do not know the full stories behind abortion. Every woman has her own story and different circumstances. That is why we are called PRO CHOICE because it is about choice. After all we do live in a DEMOCRACY! Well for now we do but it is a slippery slope! We need to be aware of what goes on behind closed doors with the powers that be including all governments (especially our current MINORITY tories), the religious right, and big corporations. This is not a black and white issue and I feel that if people were better informed, they would also realize this.

I was raised as a Catholic and the primary reason I am not much of a practicing one is because of the hypocricies and atrocities comited by this institution over the centuries. When I ask my dad how he can reconcile his open minded beliefs with the stupidity of the Church and still attend mass, he always says the he puts his faith in God and not the institution. Many and most Catholics these days do not go to church, do not know the true significance of the rituals and rites and do not practice what they preach. Should this not be a wake up call that something needs to change?

Shanti, paix, peace

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