Monday, May 3, 2010

"Ruth’s remarks, intended more as friendly advice than a warning, were met with gasps of disbelief and even anger among the approximately 80 aid representatives who converged on Parliament Hill to condemn what they see as a gathering storm against women’s rights in Canadian aid policy"

Now that you are done gathering your jaw from the floor, let's try to figure this out because I'm not sure about anyone else out there but I was never given any friendly advice containing the phrase shut the fuck up! I believe this is a threat. Keep quiet little people or you will force the PM to change the laws and it will be all your fault.

Clearly we should all play nice for the G8 G20 summit because clearly these behind closed door meetings between the powers that be have nothing but our own interests at heart. Even if we just want to look at things from a purely economical point of view, giving access to free abortions for womyn who CHOOSE it can save a huge monetary burden on society. Someone has to take care of these children and for whatever reasons, sometimes a woman is not capable of taking care of a child in all its many facets.

The other thing that I completely disagree with in this article is the statement saying that in Canada, womyn have free and accessible abortion! Well I can tell you that here in Ottawa, you will always find some slightly odd looking, holier than though protesters during clinic days. This to me seems like a deterant to access, no one wants to be harangued and bastardized by right wing Christians and the like before going into a clinic.

Keep in mind that you always have to look for all the facts. The right wing pro life people do not tell you the truth about abortion. They will always distort the facts and use guilt as a weapon. No woman should have to justify her decision in this matter to strangers. By telling us to keep quiet, I believe Senator Nancy Ruth is causing more ill than good. In fact, I don't think we would have women senators if it wasn't for the fact that our great grand-mothers, grand-mothers, mothers and their allies made some noise!!!

En solidarité,
Marie-Michèle Chezzi

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