Thursday, February 3, 2011

RebELLEs: Notre Révolution Féministe, Our Revolution is Now

2nd RebELLEs Gathering!

The time has come for …
the 2nd RebELLEs Pan-Canadian
Young Feminist Gathering!

May 20-23, 2011, Winnipeg Manitoba

We invite you to be part of the
RebELLEs feminist movement!


This is an invitation to all young women, between 14 and 35 years of age with diverse political views and identities, from all regions, cultures and languages, with an interest in feminist issues and struggles.

You are invited to participate in the
2nd Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering

The 1st gathering, “Toujours RebELLEs, Waves of Resistance” hosted over 500 young feminists in Montréal in October of 2008. For three days, young feminists gathered to share experiences, stories and analysis. We engaged in creative resistance actions in the streets, learned from and with one another, shared our feminist talents, and danced up a storm. We returned to our regions with a strong foundation for a young feminist movement in place, one that RebELLEs all across the country have been building upon for the past two years.

This is a call to all young women, activists, students, workers, un(der)employed women, artists, researchers, mothers, feminists of all tendencies and of all types, and of course emerging feminists, to get involved!

For more information:

Ottawa RebELLEs

2011 Organization Committee based in Winnipeg:

Pan-Canadian Secretariat based in Montreal:

In May of 2011, head to Winnipeg to:

* Learn about feminism and what it means to other young women

* Share your reflections and analysis of different issues that affect us as young women from diverse backgrounds

* Learn about and discuss our priorities for action as young feminists

* Share our struggles and discuss strategies to resist and combat patriarchy and other forms of oppression

* Create solidarity and reinforce the RebELLEs young feminist movement in Canada

*Celebrate our struggles and solidarity… Who said feminists don’t know how to party!?

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  1. Getting to Winnipeg in May!
    Getting to Winnipeg in May!
    Discounts on travel to the gathering (WestJet) and affordable lodging.
    We have secured a 10% discount with West Jet (excluding seat sales), so if you plan on flying to Winnipeg you can call West Jet to book your flight at 1-877-952-4696 Monday – Friday between 7:00-17h30 (MST) (to get the discount you have to book by phone). As long as you book your flights for between May 17-26, 2011 you will qualify for the 10% discount. Give them the reference code CC6830 when you speak with an agent and you’ll be all set!
    The youth hostel that is only a few minutes away from the University of Winnipeg (where the gathering will take place) is offering a reduced rate for gathering participants $15 a night instead of $30. There are a limited number of beds available so book soon! You must call to reserve your spot at 1-800-663-5777.